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With the growing number of Internet users, it has become very essential for all companies to invest in digital marketing services. Digital marketing not only helps in better guidance, better commitment and increased market size but also verifies online reputation, verify SERPs and analyzes content effectiveness.
Pixel Suba provides a complete set of digital marketing services over the past many years in Giante Mncs, Start-ups, large and small businesses. Pixel Suba is committed to providing quality services to their clients to help them achieve business growth.
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Online reputation management is the practice of crafting strategies & reviews that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.

Online Reputation Management is also known as ORM is considered to be very important since it takes control and protects your business from bad reviews. When people look at you on the internet, ORM ensures that they find the right information about you and that your Brand Image is never at stake. We are an online reputation management company in Mumbai, India. Our ORM services improve individual or brand perception with daily reputation monitoring.

Pixel Suba is the Best Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company in Mumbai, India. Monitoring your reputation on Social Media will help you avoid crises and full-on disasters, and prevent negative news about your business from spreading.

What is Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing?

Online reputation is about how people perceive a brand or business based on the information available on the internet. Online reputation management is an act of providing and overseeing the content available on the company’s website and online media platforms. Online reputation management involves the ongoing formation of a brand image with customers, ORM monitors negative reviews/feedback received on different websites and motivates satisfied customers to share their feedback to build a good brand image.

Why Online Reputation Management is important?

Nowadays all kinds of industries and companies are spending a lot on managing the online reputation of their brands. The internet has made it easy for customers to do their research, read customer reviews and feedback before deciding to buy any product or service. According to studies, 85% of customers believe in online reviews and 49% of customers prefer to buy products and services with 4-star ratings, which is why it has become a necessity for every company to take care of its online reputation. At Pixel Suba we help our clients to manage the online reputation of their brands by using various online reputation management tools to check reactions, preferences, behaviour, etc. The benefits of ORM are given below.

  • Eliminate negative business reviews
  • Build brand credibility with your audience
  • Improves SERPs
  • The most economical technique to assess brand image
  • Better brand engagement
  • Better online visibility

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Online Reputation Management Channels

There are four main digital marketing channels that help manage a brand’s online reputation among the audience, as described below.

Earned Media: This provides information about the brand or business from the web company. They only occur when the brand appears among its competitors in products, services, and content that encourage customers to publish, distribute, comment, and write reviews on it. These companies do not pay any amount.

Paid Media: In this case, companies pay a small fee to disseminate information about their brand, products and services using digital marketing services such as PPC advertising, display advertising, social media marketing, blogging, etc. influencer marketing, etc. This help targets a wide audience and develops new relationships with business partners and customers.

Social Media: The social media profile is created by the company and the appropriate content is created to be launched on various social media platforms to spread brand awareness. It is important to have an active social media account in order to post content regularly and to build strong connections with the audience by answering and commenting on their questions.

Owned Properties: Blogs, case studies, testimonials, videos, etc. posted on the company’s website are called property. The more content published on the company’s website, the higher the chances of building an effective digital presence through the brand.

Pixel Suba Online Reputation Management Process

Pixel Suba is providing online reputation management services from last many years to become one of the best online reputation management companies in India. At Pixel Suba we hire the best professionals to work for our clients and provide quality services. The process that we follow for online reputation management is given below.
Analysis: At first, we analyse the content present on the company’s website. This involves analysis of blogs, reviews, videos, images, keywords that are being used in the content, sales funnel, etc. to check the loopholes and fix it. We also analyse the competitors’ websites to understand their content strategies and then we formulate a plan to improve the SERPs of the company’s website.
Review analysis: Every company wants positive reviews about their products and services but this does not happen every time. Getting negative reviews is inevitable. At Pixel Suba our team of professionals develop the strategies to build a positive reputation, generate positive reviews, and keep negative reviews at bay.
Social media profile management: It is very essential for every company to create a good social media profile. Around 3.2 billion users join social media sites every day across the world and nearly 80% of the people read reviews before buying any product or services. Team Pixel Suba assist in creating a good social media profile using the right images, keywords, content and company logo to create a good impression about the brand among the audience.
Content management: Social media boost the company’s SEOs result through comments, likes, and shares. This further improvises the company’s SERPs. Social media sites are playing a crucial role in building a good brand image among the audience as it gives an ample amount of options to develop the content in the form of text, video, audio, image, etc. to be launched on suitable platforms. This helps companies in better targeting and gaining higher ROI.
Backlinks creation: At Pixel Suba our team of experts creates high-quality backlinks to let search engine crawls to the company’s webpages. Google keeps on changing its algorithms regularly. Our team works as per changed algorithms and creates backlinks to build a good reputation for the brand and business.
Evaluation: At Pixel Suba we use insights and data to gather information about market size and audience reactions about the brand, products and services. We also evaluate SEOs, ad campaigns, and backlinks to amend changes and improvise the website ranking.

Pixel Suba Online Reputation Management Services​

Online reputation can make or break the business. At Pixel Suba, we provide the following services to manage a business reputation online.

Online Reputation Analysis

In this, our team of experts use modern tools and software to find out the different ways to mention the brand on review sites and social media sites, then to assess the brand's ranking based on the data and information necessary to reveal the brand's current online reputation.

Online Review Management

Once our online reputation analysis is complete, our team looks for negative reviews, their source sites and the factors that influence brand reputation, and after that, our team formulates strategies to keep up with negative reviews by guiding our customers and also using advanced software and tools to prevent negative reviews from being displayed.

Brand Enhancement

Brand improvement is essential in today's competitive market where a new brand is launched every day. We assist our clients by building and maintaining good brand value among existing and prospective clients. We use digital marketing strategies to expand brand awareness, establish brand communication, and manage online reputation by generating quality brand reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Online reputation management is everything about you or your business that shows up online.  This includes websites, blog posts, social media, and images. But in practical terms, it’s anything about you that appears in Google search results.  If negative links show up, it is important to push them off the first page.  A good reputation shows you are an expert in your field, and this translates into getting more business–resulting in more site traffic and more sales. A bad link could mean the loss of clients and prospects.

The best way is to use English (or whatever your native language is): write good information.  Inundating the web with great and original content works best, and will eventually push the negative links off the first page of Google searches.   While it might be possible to remove negative links, images and content, usually the best approach is to create targeted, effective and well-formulated content, including blog posts, images, and video. But the key is developing a strategy, which includes researching and creating the best content, and most importantly, knowing which platforms to share it on.

Because the Internet is the new first impression, and people don’t ask for references, they just head to Google. Probably the first thing people do, even when speaking to you on the phone or just after meeting you, is conducting a Google search. Something negative out there can damage your life and business quickly. Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors.

Negative brand mentions online including on Google search results has a direct negative influence on current and prospective new buyers that are considering doing business with your brand. Furthermore, a negative brand mention can escalate into negative word of mouth in both online and offline business communities and other social circles leading to a continuous risk to brand reputation and ultimately sales. It is therefore critically important to position your brand in the most positive light – online. Failing to do so results in direct competitors grabbing market share.

It varies depending on the challenges each business or individual faces and their priorities. We tailor our approach to meet the needs of you, your business, priorities and audiences. Typically, we start by auditing your online reputation, taking an all channel and presence approach. We then make recommendations for you based on what is uncovered in the audit and what we know will get you the results you are looking for.

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