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3.5 billion Google searches are made every day
90% of users never look at second page of Google Search
95% of young adults search for online reviews for local businesses

Having a website and being online is not enough. You need to be seen by the right audience, in the right area when they need you.
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We offer professional SEO services in Mumbai. An effective SEO team has the ability to choose the right keywords, create unique content, create relevant links and be the right spider with which you can be on the first page of a search engine.

Pixel Suba is an SEO agency in Mumbai that provides quality SEO services to companies. Companies who want to appear first in search engine results when a user searches for a brand, We provide accurate and relevant words to your brand that are used to hit the right target audience. Planning a combination of advanced indexing software and manual auditing to examine every page of your website is reputable.  We wanted to bridge the gap between your brand and customers in the online community by optimizing your website to increase your brand visibility. 

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SEO Audit

Initial evaluation of the existing website, presence on social media and any other online activity to discover gaps / errors / criticalities and draw up a roadmap for gradual SEO interventions.

Local SEO

Useful for brick-and-mortar stores that want to reach audiences within a radius of their geographic location. Increase visibility organically for all Google "near me" and Google Maps searches.

Ecommerce SEO

Help an ecommerce website gain visibility for its products every time a user searches for that product category and stand out from over 100 other competitors offering the same product at similar prices.

International SEO

For any business attempting to reach an international audience, the content must be tailored to the local culture, local audience behavior, and must include relevant high ranking keywords.

Video SEO

Videos are increasingly becoming the popular news mode, but just making good videos doesn't help - they need to have tags, subtext, categorization, etc.

Technical SEO

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and crawlers, which requires websites to also optimize to ever-changing standards.

Enterprice SEO

Suitable for large companies or large websites that have 1000+ pages on their website and need an expert to adjust the size and complexity of their work.

Competitor Analysis

It is always important to know what your competitors are doing and to be 2 steps ahead in innovation and new ways of engaging your customers.

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Frequently ask Questions, Pixel Suba, www.pixelsuba.com

Frequently Asked Questions.

2021, SEO will remain relevant until search engines no longer exist or they completely perfect their algorithm. People need help when it comes to the technical side of showing up in search results and as long as we can help, we will!

There are a number of tools that can give you a general score for how likely your website is to rank. This is based on the old Google PageRank algorithm which used to give pages a score out of 100 on how likely they were to perform well in search results. Page rank itself fell out of use but a number of tools replaced it with a similar function; like domain and URL rating from Ahrefs, Moz’s domain authority, and many others. These scores can give you a general sense of how authoritative your website is.

Be careful, they aren’t associated with Google so they will never give you 100% accurate results!

They do, pages with videos tend to increase the time users spend on the page, which is a confirmed positive ranking signal for Google. Otherwise, they are just good for your website in general. Users are much more likely to engage with video content.

There is really one rule to SEO in 2021 and that is: “Content is King.” If you want to do well, create great content. There has recently been a combination of content marketing and SEO which has resulted in a much stronger field of search engine marketers that aren’t spammers like the SEOs of the past.

How you rank is highly dependent on the authority of your website and the quality of content you produce. Improving both of these factors will help you improve your position in search engine rankings. A great way to do this is to produce additional compelling content that encourages social sharing and linking.

Google has said officially that they do not. Google Adsense on your website can actually hurt your SEO because of the reduction in overall website speed.

However, Google ads can help when using their “Matched Content” option. Matched content can help you reduce your overall bounce rate and get more eyeballs on your newer posts that have less traction.

At the moment there are two factors that make up the vast majority of all SEO; authority and content quality.


Having a very solid, informative, and dense collection of content will show Google that you are an expert that is qualified for a high search position. In the same way, being trusted by other organizations as an expert is another great ranking signal that comes in the form of links to your website!

Video Optimization is essentially SEO for video content on YouTube. Video SEO is extremely similar to regular SEO though it has more to do with specific keywords than with the depth of your content. Oftentimes there are pervasive gimmicks that YouTube prioritizes; a recent one is having a video that is longer than ten minutes.

Video SEO can be very finicky and doesn’t really follow the same trends that traditional search engines do.

SEO success is measured in the value of a campaign over a period of time. Some of the best KIPs for SEO success are traffic increases, position, and impressions. You should see a fairly obvious trend of growth for a good SEO campaign.

More high-quality content is generally better. But, content for content’s sake can actually hurt your rankings if Google thinks you are not providing valuable information.

It will depend on the website, for anyone getting a decent amount of traffic, Google will crawl most of your pages daily. However, you may notice your less popular pages not being crawled for months at a time.

Search engines will scrape the web using an online crawler. They will pull these results and display them to their users based on factors like content quality, authority, page speed, and many more.

Search engines see the code and content of your website in a very basic form. however, most advanced search engines can also infer the end result with a basic understanding of website code. Google did have issues with Javascript until relatively recently, so be careful using excessively uncommon development languages or formats.

The fastest way to rank for a keyword is to have a highly relevant and authoritative website and create new content that targets that keyword. Otherwise, you will need to take the time to increase the authority of your entire domain before ranking for any keywords. Once you’ve done that you can drill down and focus on promoting the one piece of content you want to rank. SEO is a naturally long and slow process.

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