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NZ Outlet

Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Google Shopping and Search Ads.

NZOutlet sells aromatic fragrances and beauty products online and in pop-up stores in the entire of New Zealand. 



NZ was frustrated with their old agency, because of the work that they have done in the past. It was a top agency from Australia that worked with NZ but out of spending $2000 on Google Ads, they received business only worth $2200. Which did not even cover the fees charged by the agency and the cost of the product. It was a challenge to compete with top agencies and give clients an extraordinary result.

Our Approach

We started the work with one goal in mind that we have togive them the result which makes the profitable in nature vsmaking a loss or even breakeven just like their old agency.

NZ Outlet


We started working on all the aspects of their marketing and kept all the communication on the branding part streamlined across all the platforms. We started the SEO activities aggressively. In the first month, we got 2.5X ROI on the Ads and from the Second month onwards the returns were more than 5.5X. The most amazing day out of all was when we got 17X returns on our Google Ads spending. where spent $49.69 and generated sales worth $875.81 that are a 1762%