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Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Pixel Suba is one of the leading digital marketing company in India providing the best micro-influencer platform in India to connect brands with influencers to create great stories.
To grow any business it is very essential to establish brand engagement with customers. Our team of influencer marketing experts help our clients connect with social media influencers in India, bloggers, creators and their brand’s fan base.
Pixel Suba developed the platform for Connect brands with social media influencers, vloggers, bloggers and creators to target the right audience. To learn more about these influencers, click on the button below.
Influencer Marketing Services in Mumbai


Pixel Suba is India’s leading influencer marketing platform, connecting brands to social media influencers to tell great stories.

Influencer marketing is the process that lets you connect with influencers who can help you in promoting your image and hence boost your business income. Brands usually seek help from an influencer marketing agency to approach the influencers. In today’s world, Influencers are seen as specialists who have an enormous number of reliable and committed social media followers who, in general, believe the influencers’ suggestions. They utilize the intensity of online media to connect with their supporters to promote your image. Pixel Suba being today’s Influencer marketing agency based in Mumbai, helps you stand out like never before!

Our influencer marketing platform brings their combined expertise to help you find the right influencer to make your brand go viral. Our diverse selection of influencers can help you find the person that resonates with your product and can get your message out to the target audience.

Why Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity in recent time?

With the growing number of internet users and internet connections, it has become essential for every brand to connect in the best possible way with the target population. There are thousands of ways to advertise brand names, but marketing d influence not only brand advertises, but also creates awareness and branding through the creative brand story. Micro-influencer platform in India helps brands to be closely associated with potential customers and to providing the best products and services. Influencer marketing generates a better return on investment by targeting a larger audience at the right time.

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Why choose Pixel Suba?

Pixel Suba is gaining popularity among influencer marketing companies in India as we seek to develop effective influencer marketing strategies locally and internationally. We hire the best talent or team to understand and formulate the best strategy that is relevant to our clients’ business goals. Our team develops the unique content for a campaign, conducts an analysis after a campaign is launched to measure the results, and reports on it to give our customers a better understanding of the marketing campaign and its impact on the target audience. Influencer Marketing Strategy involves connecting brands with bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers in India to reach the larger audience for brand engagement. At Pixel Suba, we want to bring a brand story to life by creating real connections.

Influencer marketing process at Pixel Suba

Campaign designing
We begin our work with an understanding of the client’s business goals, brand goals and expected results. Our influencer marketing experts then develop content, product reviews, social media shoutouts, launch events and many other things.

Search Influencer
After completing our research and thorough analysis, our influencer research tool allows our team to identify and rank the most suitable influencer among all social media influencers in India. Our team of data scientists further helps by measuring the potential of the influencer network to deliver the best ROI to our clients.

Influence analytics
Our content creators develop a brand story on behalf of our customers and share with the right audience to get good views, traffic, brand engagement, leads and ROI We share campaign analytics and metrics with our customers to showcase the results of an influencer marketing campaign.

Few Fact Checks

  • 60% of consumers do shopping influenced by social media influencers or after blog reviews.
  • 90% of brand curators feel that Influencer marketing is highly engaging and massive reach out.
  • 23% of marketers have recognized influencer marketing as a better alternative to traditional media.
  • 86% of women consider purchasing advice through social media before doing shopping.
  • 71 million Indians are active users of Instagram every day.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

An influencer marketing agency is creative agencies that will help your company create a successful influencer marketing campaign: the agency will take care of talent selection and influencers management, from contracting them to receiving deliverable. An influencer marketing agency will support your brand also in setting up KPIs and goals and tracking the results of the influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing has several benefits: it can help your brand and company sell more products or services. Influencer marketing increases also brand awareness and helps create User-Generated content. It can be also used as a feedback tool to understand if a certain product, app or service is liked by users and customers or not.

An Influencer Marketing Strategy involves different steps and factors to take into consideration: Know Your Audience, Have A Set Budget, Find The Right Talents and Influencers, Define Your Campaign, Set Clear Expectations For Influencers and Evaluate The Campaign And ROI Working To Develop Long-Term Relationships. You can read more here on how to set up the best influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that brings greater returns than other digital marketing strategies. It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is becoming the preferred method for marketing new product launches.

We offer custom campaigns, which gives smaller brands room to make an investment without the high-level risk normally associated with marketing campaigns. That said, there is a minimum threshold that needs to be met to cover the overhead cost of running a campaign.

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