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Pixel Suba is one of the best Email Marketing Companies & Service Provider Agencies in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India that offer e-mailer marketing campaigns which generates revenue and leads.


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There are over 3 billion email users worldwide.
On average, email marketing generates $38 returns on every $1 spent.
73% of millennials prefer business communication over email.
99% of consumers open their emails every day.

Email marketing has generated the highest ROI for businesses for over 10 years and is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers as long as you combine deep customer insight with personalization and replicability.
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Pixel Suba is the Best Email Marketing Company in Mumbai, India. We provide Email Marketing Services like Content Creation, Audience Targeting, and Campaign Automation for Small Businesses to Large Scale Businesses. Email marketing is a way of promoting products or services through email and also is a top digital media channel which is important for customer acquisition and retention.

Pixel Suba Email Marketing Services in Mumbai enables the world’s best brands to use data-driven insights to create relevant conversations in real-time. Automate communication agency, Email marketing services bring operations online and handle a large volume of Mails inflow with artificial intelligence-layered Email Marketing.


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Marketing Automation

Run powerful campaigns reaching thousands of customers, with full control over email timing and frequency. Whether you're a B2B business or a clothing brand, get the right message to keep your customer engaged.

Custom Email

Create real-time triggers to send targeted emails to the right audience without looking like bulk messages.

Customer Retention Emails

Send strong conversations to reduce customer retention, manage your senders of feedback, and reduce response time and triggering emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Email marketing is a method to follow up with your customers and prospects via email. Email marketing is different from spamming because the prospect has to opt in and request the email newsletter. A spam message, which is illegal under the Can-Spam act is where the company purchases an email list and blasts it out to thousands of people in hopes that someone is interested in the product.

Because true opt in email marketing is permission based, it can have a high return on investment. Most studies put the figure at around 40 to 1 or 4000% ROI.

Email marketing should be done with planning and dedication. You and your marketing partners need to plan out exactly what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

Some common types of newsletter content that you can send include: thank you emails, announcements, blog posts, company news, industry news, sales pitches, seminar and webinar invitations.

This question comes up a lot on Quora under many different titles. Some of these titles include:

What are the best digital marketing tools? (seo, email, social, mobile …)

Which email marketing service is the best?

The answer varies on what your business does and what you are trying to accomplish. I personally like ActiveCampaign and Constant Contact but there are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there all competing for your business. Those are great places to start. Click here to see a comparison of the two services.

If neither one of those work for you, the best thing to do is to look at your competitor’s website and opt in to their list. Most likely, whatever works for them will work for you too.

Remember though, it’s not about the software. At the end of the day, it’s really about having a compelling message send to an interested audience that you communicate with consistently. Almost any program out there can handle this requirement.


Absolutely, it works. That’s why it’s being used from anyone from mom and pop shops to the big companies like Amazon. Like anything else, it’s not guaranteed. You still need to have quality content and be mailing out to your list consistently.


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