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They are one of the leading velvet fabric manufacturers in India, based out of Surat, who supply all types of velvet fabric.

Kadima Day School


The client’s website was not active on the domain we wanted to target. Moreover, the website was antiquated but the owner insisted that it was part of their legacy and did not want to alter its present contents while implementing SEO. So, we had to proceed cautiously.

Our Approach

We started researching the keywords and phrases people use when looking for velvet and textile products online. This helped us understand what potential customers were searching for. We implemented the meta titles, descriptions, alt tags and headings that show up in search results. This made people more likely to click on the website when they saw it in search results. We created Informative Content for posting and also we have done other off page activities to bring keywords to rank on google and increase the visibility to Sanchi Velvets. These changes helped Sanchi Velvets show up higher in Google search results, get more visitors.

Kadima Day School


The Keywords started ranking soon on Google and the client started getting traction on the website, while also receiving several calls on his number. Within the span of time keywords generated business worth more than 2 crores, which directly resulted from our efforts.