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What Does Pixel Suba Mean?

Pixel Suba is a combination of two words (Pixel and Suba) that are a part of our identity and work ethic.

Pixel is the smallest unit of an image or a computer screen. It is the minutest area of illumination on a screen. When many such pixels combine together and work in unison, they form a complete picture. This is exactly how we look at our organization. We are a group of people who have come together to do great things! Every contribution, however big or small is equally important for success.

Suba is an African language spoken by the Suba people of Kenya. They are believed to be one of the last tribes to have settled in Kenya and have maintained their distinct ethnic identity. The Suba people were also artistically inclined. Rock art from ancient Suba people can still be seen around in the caves of Africa. Like the Suba people, we are a clan of artists, philosophers and dreamers. Together we imagine a world where we are able to help clients harness our creativity and leverage existing technology for the best results.


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