Vivanta Global Holidays

Performance Marketing

Vivanta is a Kashmir-based tourism agency/tour operator. They specialise in local Kashmir tours at a very reasonable cost. They also conduct other like camping, and trekking.

Vivanta Global Holidays


They had a bad experience with the digital marketing firm they worked with before us. Their conversion rates were consistently low. In other words, they were not generating good quality leads.

Our Approach

First and foremost, we had to be cautious with the website development as the onwer wishes to keep the content same as a part of thier legacy. We managed to implement both on page SEO and subsequently off page SEO on the website. We had to be really careful while proceeding because any significant alterations to the underlying code could have broken the website but in the end, we managed to implement SEO perfectly.

Vivanta Global Holidays


Fifteen keywords started ranking soon and the client started getting traction on the website, while also receiving several calls on his number. Within six months, we got miraculous results, his keywords generated business worth more than 36 lakhs, which directly resulted from our efforts. All this was done while respecting the client’s choice to not alter the content.